Designed for diversity
and flexibility

Designed for diversity and flexibility, Apollo Energy-Film is a transformative, perception-challenging concept that turns any surface into an energy source.

Fits for various surfaces
Fully flexible
Super lightweight
High efficiency
Highly Durable


Apollo Energy Films spark possibilities not yet imagined.


Its sleek design, lightness and vibration durability, make Apollo Energy Film ideal for the automotive industry. The synergy between Apollo Energy Film and electric vehicles reduces CO2 emissions and adds travel range without the need for infrastructures.


With its innovative and advanced approach to producing electricity on water surfaces, Apollo’s floating solar panels are a game changer in an extremely high potential field. They can be quickly and easily installed, require minimal maintenance and logistics costs, and are durable to waves. Their robust and flexible design makes them suitable for a variety of marine vehicles, bodies, surfaces and even sails.


The lightweight, robust design makes Apollo Energy Film perfect for integrated energy-wings, fuselage and on-board energy generating systems.


Apollo Energy Films are lightweight and robust making them suitable for creating energy-generating roads, sidewalks, parks, buildings, bridges and more.

Off grid

Apollo Energy Films can be combined with solar home systems in off-grid markets to produce and store energy and are perfectly suitable for outdoor uses and portable needs.


Our research lab is thinking decades ahead and developing new and exciting features that will suit future applications, from space vehicles and vessels to as far as our imagination can take us.

Ever evolving, ever changing.

Lighter, thinner, stronger - Different.
Our notion of advancement and challenging existing perceptions is everlasting.