To empower human imagination with limitless energy

Apollo’s mission is harnessing solar energy in new ways never thought possible. Our goal isn’t better solar panels or greater efficiency. It’s to use technology and pioneering innovations to power new perceptions and uses of energy.

We are dreamers inspired by technology, innovation and passion for the extraordinary.
Our ambition and drive have no limits because our resource is limitless, endless and timeless, just like human imagination.


We go first.

We are more than just leaders in energy. We aim to be first in energy. The first to imagine, create, and invent, the first to offer new means to new dreams. We place ourselves ahead of the race and at the forefront of our entire industry. It is how we create profound impact. It is how we energize the energy industry.

We go big.

“No room for small dreams” - Shimon Peres
As a made-in-Israel company, we’re used to pushing our limits high. We “punch above our weight” and don’t fear facing failure, knowing it’s the nature of the way we chose. In order to achieve great things, we must only pursuit great things and dare to dream as big as possible.

We go far.

We’re not restricted by our “start-up vibe”, we’re ignited by it.
We’re here for the long run. We look decades ahead, move fast and don’t waste energy on the insignificant.
We don’t know what the future holds, but we will be in the front-line of it.


Oded Rozenberg CEO, Co-Founder

Oded Rozenberg CEO, Co-Founder

Mr. Rozenberg, CEO and co-founder, is a former Deputy Director at Metalicon Technologies and led the CNC factory construction. Previously, he was a senior flight instructor at the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Mr. Rozenberg holds an MBA in Finance from IDC Herzliya and a BA in Economics from Haifa University.

Eran Maimon CTO, Co-Founder

Eran Maimon CTO, Co-Founder

Mr. Maimon holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the solar energy laboratory in Tel Aviv University. In his thesis, he characterized features of nanotechnology-based coatings for use in solar energy receivers. Mr. Maimon also holds a B.Sc. in Physics and International Relations from the HebrewUniversity.

Our innovative technology creates future energy that can take you anywhere.
So, where do you want to go?