Our solution is flexible solar film, designed to transform any surface under the sun to an energy production source.


We develop a “solar paint” composed of an active material and additives

a unique and patented selective electrodes net collects the current generated in the “solar paint” and transfers it to the peripherals.

The active material in our solar paint formulation is based on stable, low-cost material. We use novel methods to utilize its known potential in the solar energy field.

Our solar film will feature significant advantages, answering some of the biggest challenges in the solar energy filed

Light Weight

the flexible solar film is expected to weigh less than 1 kg per square meter


Easy Installation

surfaces can be fitted with the film using simple double-sided adhesive tape


Simple Manufacturing Process

 featuring simple coating methods and standard roll-to-roll machines (R2R), with no high-precision and clean room processes required


Integrate the solar film on building materials

Integration of the solar film on roads

Solar energy supply in areas without a centralized power grid

Integrate the solar film on large infrastructures, such as water bodies


Target Markets