Apollo Power (TASE: APLP) develops innovative technology solutions and products in the solar energy fields. The company's flagship development is a flexible solar film, designed to transform any surface under the sun to an energy production source. Apollo Power has one approved patent and five pending patent applications in varying stages of approval


Research and Development

The Company’s main objective is the completion of the R&D of its solar film

Target Markets Worldwide

The Company will pursue penetration into target markets worldwide in order to market and sell its products

Establish Marketing Channels

The Company intends to put effort and resources into the establishment of its sales and marketing channels, including hiring sales personnel, deploying subcontractors, manufacturers and technical support personnel, engaging with global and local distributors and establishing strategic collaboration agreements

Further Research and Development

The Company intends to further invest in the research and development of its products to remain one step ahead of its competitors

Business Model

Here below we present various data on our up-to-date economic activity, relevant reports, and information of public matter


Economic Activity